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inspiring, equipping & empowering Ministry to men


who we are

Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance (CMLA) exists to help Catholic men in every diocese claim, discover or rediscover a relationship with Jesus Christ. We help men live out their Catholic faith with integrity, servant leadership and boldness in their marriages, families, parishes and local communities.

Our mission is to equip Catholic clergy and lay leaders to better evangelize and disciple Catholic men to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that strengthening men to become missionary disciples will transform the world.

What We provide

We work hard to form strong partnerships with local, regional and national ministries to provide the best resources for lay and clerical leaders. Our goal is to help them establish a vibrant ministry to men that will transform their community. We support local ministries with a growing network of regional and diocesan leadership.

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The Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance has created a free brotherhood-building platform with thousands of engaging videos to help men grow in their faith together. 


Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki,

Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Now is the time for Catholic men to respond to the Gospel call and join together to live their faith in the marketplace, modeling the joy of faith-filled Christians in the world we live. As men of Christ, we must work together – clergy and laity – in addressing the challenges facing our cities, our nation and our world.

Bishop Andrew H. Cozzens, Diocese of Crookston

Every priest or bishop who has his eyes open sees this problem and he knows that he's got to figure out a way to capture the men.

Bishop Michael J. Sis, Diocese of San Angelo

I encourage anyone who’s listening to this to invest in men’s ministry, in your Church, in your parish, in your diocese. Because when we have stronger men, more faithful men, we have a better society and a healthier Church.


We have millions of Catholics in California. As a regional men’s group leader, I was becoming overwhelmed with the need. Thank God for CMLA. We are now connected to resources and leadership training that will help us in the good work of the Holy Spirit in men’s lives.

Gilbert Alderete, St. Louis de Marillac

 Los Angeles, California


a time for action

God is looking for men to answer the call to become true disciples of Jesus – willing to live sacrificially, to follow the Lion of the tribe of Judah! Are you hungry to become the complete man of God He always intended you to be?

If you have questions, comments or if you are not part of a group of like-minded men in your area and would like to be; let us know below and our Regional Leadership Team will help you “plug in.”

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