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our vision

That every diocese in North America and beyond have a vibrant ministry to men.

Vision & Mission

our mission

To instruct and disciple Catholic men to a deeper transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.

Strengthen the man, strengthen the family.

Strengthen the family, strengthen the Church.

Strengthen the Church, transform the culture.

our approach

our work

Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance (CMLA) exists to help build dynamic ministry to men in every diocese in North America and beyond.  Ministry to men is about the ongoing conversion, transformation and mobilization of our Catholic men as they deepen their relationship with Christ.  We are building a team of regional, state and diocesan leaders to accomplish this mission and vision.  Collaboration is essential to accomplishing our mission.  We partner with other Christian ministries to men and other member groups that are engaged in ministry to men. 

Our Story

Our Story

In 2017 a group of four laymen, a priest and a deacon convened to seek God’s help to reach men across North America with the strength and hope found in Jesus Christ. What developed was a vision to unify the efforts of Catholic men’s groups and to advance Catholic ministry to men with mentorship, expertise and essential resources. Recognizing the very evident need for ministry to men in the Church and culture, the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance was formed.

The Alliance has grown from humble beginnings to now having representatives in many dioceses in the United States, as well as Canada, Singapore, Africa, South America and other countries around the world. Laymen, priests, deacons and bishops are all lauding the impact the Alliance is making to develop strong men of faith.


board of directors

Board of Directors
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