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regional Leaders

Regional leaders develop and manage the various areas across North America. They help mobilize boots on the ground throughout their individual regions, working closely with CMLA executive leadership.  Their primary role is to identify leaders in their regions and help them develop leadership teams.  The ultimate objective is to establish active men's ministries in every diocese and parish.  Regional leaders provide essential leadership guidance and resources to help state and diocesan leaders.  


Region 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts connecticut, Rhode Island

Tim Weske


Region 4: Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia

Al Willie


Region 7: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana

Tom O'Brien


Region 9: Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri

Ed Van Buskirk


Region 11: California, Nevada, Hawaii

Gil Aldrete


Region 13: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mezico

Phillip Rodriguez


Region 15: Canada

Sean Lynn


Region 2: New York

Donald Barry


Region 5: Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana

Kim Dax


Region 8: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota

Coming Soon


Region 10: Texas Arkansas, Oklahoma

Mike Kelly


Region 12: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska

Allan Murray

Region 14: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

Deacon Vince Eberling


Region 3: Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Santos Hernandez Jr.


Region 6: Michigan, Ohio

Tom Mignery


Region 9: Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri

Dan Spencer


Region 11: California, Nevada Hawaii

Freddy Picciano


Region 13: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mezico

Steve Pettit


Region 14: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

Jim O'Day

state Leaders

State leaders are responsible for working with their regional leader to identify and develop diocesan leaders. Leaders at all levels work together to establish strong diocesan men’s ministry teams. These teams develop and implement strategies to initiate and strengthen parish men’s ministries throughout the diocese.  

State Leaders

diocesan Leaders

Diocesan leaders identify and develop parish team leaders; helping them to establish strong, vibrant and effective men’s groups in parishes throughout the diocese.  Men’s ministry at the diocesan level provides the important leadership, training and resources necessary to help transform men, families, parishes and the community around them.

Diocesan Leaders

become a rEGIONAL, State or diocesan leader

Every Catholic man has a God-task that he is predestined for.  We want to help all men realize and live out their God-given task.  We know when men come alive in their Catholic faith, mighty things happen.  We will accomplish this by bringing the talent, techniques, tools, and technology to equip our men to accomplish their God-task. 

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