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equipar a los hombres

transformando el mundo

Fortalece al hombre, fortalece a la familia.

Fortalece la familia, fortalece la Iglesia .

Fortalece la Iglesia, arregla la cultura.


quienes somos

La Alianza de Liderazgo de Hombres Católicos (CMLA) existe para ayudar a los hombres católicos en cada diócesis a reclamar, descubrir o redescubrir una relación con Jesucristo. Ayudamos a los hombres a vivir su fe católica con integridad, liderazgo de servicio y audacia en sus matrimonios, familias, parroquias y comunidades locales.

Nuestra misión es equipar al clero católico y a los líderes laicos para evangelizar mejor y discipular a los hombres católicos para una relación más profunda con Jesucristo. Creemos que fortalecer a los hombres para que se conviertan en discípulos misioneros transformará el mundo.

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Que proporcionamos

Trabajamos arduamente para formar asociaciones sólidas con ministerios locales, regionales y nacionales para proporcionar los mejores recursos para líderes laicos y clericales. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarlos a establecer un ministerio vibrante para los hombres que transformará su comunidad. Apoyamos los ministerios locales con una red creciente de liderazgo regional y diocesano.

RESOURCES FROm National Eucharistic Revival & USCCB

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1. To provide a more profound encounter with Jesus Christ in the Sunday liturgy as a point of unity among all Catholics, and through this powerful encounter, find personal healing and courage to take the Gospel to a world in need of authentic love – the love of Christ found in the Eucharist.

2. To spark personal conversions through the joyful discovery of a relationship with Christ by encountering the love of God present in Jesus in the Eucharist.


3. To elevate the truth and practices of our Catholic faith through the rediscovery of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist – the Source and Summit of our Church and of who we are as a people of God.

4. To form, inspire, and launch missionary disciples, filled with love of God and neighbor that comes from an encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist, to the margins of the Church and the world.



Foster encounters with Jesus through kerygmatic proclamation and experiences of Eucharistic devotion.

pillar 1
pillar 3

Empower grassroots creativity by partnering with movements, apostolates, parishes, and educational institutions.

pillar 4

Reach the smallest unit: parish small groups and families.

pillar 5

Embrace and learn from the various rich intercultural Eucharistic traditions.

Goals & Pillars created by National Eucharistic Revival.

The document The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church was developed by the Committee on Doctrine of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).


What Do We Do in Adoration?
Ascension Presents

What Do We Do in Adoration?

There are many things we can do during Eucharistic Adoration, but to make the time most effective there are certain things we should do. Fr. Josh puts forth some simple guidelines you can use to help you improve your relationship with God through Adoration. We ought to kneel before the Lord, but if kneeling starts to become painful and distracts us from focusing on God, making us focus on our pain instead, we should sit or lie prostrate. As Fr. Josh says, we want to be comfortable enough to remain focused on the Lord, but not so comfortable that our thoughts start to drift off. Adoration is a liturgical act that can bring our hearts closer to God when done right. Listen to his voice by reading the Bible. Then share your heart. Remember the Pirate’s Prayer: ARRR - acknowledge, relate, receive, respond. Acknowledge that you are in the presence of the Lord. Relate with the Lord through your own life. Receive the blessings he is offering to you. Then respond by making some resolution to bring God into your life as you leave Adoration. Another helpful guide for Adoration is the Rosary, especially if you incorporate lectio divina into it as you pray. Using these five steps while praying a Rosary in Adoration is time well-spent: Read the Scripture verses associated with each mystery Meditate on each mystery Pray each decade Contemplate by simply sitting in the presence of the Lord Resolve to invite God into your life in a deeper way as you leave Adoration. For more great guidelines and advice on how to make Adoration a more powerful part of you life, keep an eye out for Fr. Josh’s upcoming book, Pocket Guide to Adoration. MORE FROM ASCENSION Ascension’s main website: Ascension Media: The Great Adventure Bible: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Subscribe: Ascension Musicbed SyncID: MB01Y4DW3VJRKID
Make Time for Adoration
Ascension Presents

Make Time for Adoration

Following up on his video about what to do in Eucharistic Adoration, Fr. Josh Johnson offers some practical tools and techniques to help you make time for Adoration, by asking simply “When, where, what, who, and why?” - When? Put it on a calendar and allot a specific amount of time for a meeting with Jesus. - Where? Is there a parish nearby with an Adoration chapel? Don’t just be arbitrary about it. Pick a location. - What? What are you going to bring with you? You can bring your Bible, your Rosary, a Catholic spiritual book like Fr. Josh’s Pocket Guide to Adoration. Also, what are you going to do to avoid distractions? Maybe sitting in the back of the chapel distracts you. Maybe your cell phone distracts you. - Who? Have someone who holds you accountable to your time with Jesus, someone to check on you and ask, “Did you make it to Adoration today?” - Why? Why am I giving Jesus this time? When we do Adoration correctly, it draws us to worship God. We will be able to imitate Jesus in our walk toward eternity. By being in his presence, he will change us over time. Remember Dismus, who was transformed on his cross just by being near Jesus (Luke 23-42-43). MORE FROM ASCENSION Ascension’s main website: Ascension Media: The Great Adventure Bible: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Subscribe: Ascension Musicbed SyncID: MB01Y4DW3VJRKID
S4 special: Corpus Christi procession 2021 | Catholics on streets of London | Witness to the Faith
one of nine

S4 special: Corpus Christi procession 2021 | Catholics on streets of London | Witness to the Faith

This week oo9 is taking a break from our usual bread and butter to feature the extended version of the Eucharistic Octave highlight, the Corpus Christi procession. We cannot speak highly enough of this occasion. If you didn't make it this year It's worth making the effort next. All six senses get a mega blast from Our Lord's big grace gun in the sky. It's easy certainly for me to become cynical about the world, politics, corruption, scandals (especially church ones) blah blah blah... I heard a priest say we get the leaders we deserve and that really freed me up over come my deeply cynical outlook. It put the task on me, the small guy. It's still a fight (and doing this channel is part of that fight) but the question and the problem is put firmly at our feet. Are we the domestic church living lives worthy of the leadership we would like? Here on this procession we see the faithful stepping out in peace and good cheer with Our Lord in raiment and beauty. We see our leaders kneeling on the road in humble adoration. We hear the choirs spring forth the hope in our hearts. If tedious argument changed minds, England would have been convert by now but it as the nice lady says 'grace' and what better way to petition for it than this public witness to His glory. As ever, we are a small independent channel, over worked and under paid, we think these kind of films have a future in the UK but we need your support.

hombres heroicos

HEROIC MEN es una plataforma de transmisión para hombres que integra tecnología de vanguardia y contenido católico poderoso (inglés y español) que brinda acceso único a la verdad, la belleza y la bondad de la fe católica. HEROIC MEN ayuda a los hombres católicos a tener una relación íntima con Jesucristo, vivir con integridad, servir y transformar familias, parroquias y comunidades locales.

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